The future of Launch Pad

I know alot of people here hate Launch Pad but I’ve come to like it :D. Just wondering what the future has in store for Launch Pad. Hopefully all Comodo products will have their own system tray icons one day but also have the ability to intergrate into Launch Pad if prefered.


I believe that Comodo is taking away the launch pad for now.

Shame, I was beginning to like it :D.


As was I, but many users were thinking it gets in the way if they only install 1 app, and others thought it was a privacy violation :-\

Maybe I’ll start a poll in a hope (if enough votes) that LP may be re-considered.


Probably, Launch Pad can be made as optional installation. At least users have to options to select whether they want to install LP or not.

I hope LaunchPad will be as an option at least, but it could be a ‘simpler’ control and/or calling interface for comodo apps. I think it’s great to have firewall and antivir (and other apps) control through one interface.


I believe Comodo is currently experimenting with ways to control Comodo applications from a single interface, which is similar but more advanced then Launchpad was.

If Comodo will release such a program or not, I cannot say :-.