The firewall is blocking applications without messages (after suspend)

This was tested on my notebook (vista ultimate). After i’m back from the suspend or hybernate mode and want to launch an application - example - from the desktop, the system won’t let it run. Like i don’t have the necessery rights. There is no message or alert saying that this is caused by the firewall but after i restart the firewall, everything is fine.

I had a similar problem: under Defense+ settings, I activated the option “Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed”. My system ran without problems until next reboot. After logon, some startup programs were not loaded, including AVG virus scanner and CFP systray tool. I could open only programs that CFP learned before. When I tried to open CFP control center, I was not allowed to (the system reported missing rights). I even wasn’t allowed to open regedit (because I didn’t teach CFP before), although I had Administrator rights.

The only chance to make my system usable again was to reboot in safe mode and uninstall CFP. I stored CFP registry settings before uninstall. After a reboot in normal mode, I had no more problems. So I re-installed CFP - since I really really like it :wink: - and restored most of the registry settings I stored before - excluding the option “Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed” of course!

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior. I find it confusing, at least. An authorized user (e.g. Administrator) should always be allowed to access CFP to change its configuration.