"The file BOC427.XVU is corrupted" over and over again.

(R) Hi guys (:WAV) I’ve got a problem that i cant resolve myself. For the 6th time in 9 days BOClean has crashed and closed. I’ve included the error message that has appeared EVERY time it crashes. As the error message said about using the “updater” for an uncorrupted file…i’ve tried that but it doesn’t work. It say “updated” but when i run it i get the same message. The only thing i find that works is to “uninstall” BOClean then reinstall it. WHY DOES THIS ERROR MESSAGE HAPPEN???

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Evening Nosnibor,

Your Main Question is Why Does The Error Happen?


Well i know why im getting the error message…its because something isnt working properly.

Evening Nosnibor

Well, I Usually get this error when the uninstall goes wrong or an update goes wrong but simply removing the app and putting back on isn’t much of i problem to me, but this issue, i am not completely sure about, so i’ll ask other mods to join us to help you understand this error message


Thanks i appreciate the help as having to uninstall then reinstall it so often is a real nuisance.

Nosnibor :slight_smile:

Did you try shady_bimmer’s method ???


Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the link Rednose. It helped me in fixing the problem when it happens, but----my goal was to find out why it happens and prevent it from happening again. And i found the answers through a lot of time and debugging of my PC. The problem was in my Internet connection ( i use FREE Wi-Fi at the apartment building i live in and at times the connection is slow because there are about 25 other people that also use the same Wi-Fi connection) and the time frame of the automatic update function in BOClean settings. The default setting for update was “4 min after startup” but at this time my PC was doing a lot of traffic on the Internet so i changed the setting to 10 min and since i changed the setting i have had only one instance of it happening but at that time my Internet connection was handling a lot of heavy traffic (5 other programs were auto updating + downloading 32 uTorrent movies + Live Messenger w webcam and a bunch of other stuff hogging my band width). hmmmm??? i wonder if this could be corrected by the (:NRD) “tech geeks” at COMODO