The Everything Is Off-Topic Thread

I don’t think you should. The forums provided by Comodo are not the plaything of those who want to “test” various aspects of the forums themselves.

If you want to “test” the forums, please visit, or set up your own forum.

There is a malware test board for those who want to test malware.

If you want to discuss, discuss here. If you want to “test”, test elsewhere.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Welcome back friend


Ewen is being a cranky pants, After all he is trying to help out:P
How about he just limits his testing into 1 post, and keeps modifying it?

Edit: my post count says leet! lol

I agree with Ewencranky pants. What Jeremy is not doing is not helping & could be potentially disastrous. Obviously there’s a fairly healthy dose of guessing going on… trying to inject an iframe into the context of this page is… well… silly. And the guessing aspect alone worries me. Forums are databases and they can be damaged (brought down).

I also feel that the risk assessment of these “helpful tests” as been skimped on… a bit. After all, if one of Jeremy’s tests succeeded… he would have (by definition) hacked the forums & he’ll get banned (oops). In addition, I believe he has failed to obtain permission from an Admin to perform these types of helpful tests… after all, they have to clean up any mess he makes (a potentially fatal oops).


OK, call me cranky pants.

As I said in a PM, don’t blame the fire - blame the fuel. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:


I’ve been here since saturday 88)

group hug? :-La

hi there cranky pants (:WAV) ;D

who’s the fuel? 88)

Yep (:HUG)


Welcome back Ganda!

Oh ok guys, Sorry i thought it was just attaching an .GIF into the post for moderators to use as a signature if they wanted.

Oops, I didn’t know my tests could possibly kill the forum. As for the iframe, it was something that was supposed to link to my hosting site.

Welcome back gandalic.Pst! Post the photos then.

You have? ??? Ok, let’s do a group hug. 88)

good to hear from You again.

Ganda stay away for a bit longer I haven’t finished telling everyone your little secret, And you know DAMM WELL WHAT IT IS! And I am certainly upset about it, I won’t be surprised Comodo takes legal action against you.

Ok…ok… i’m joking. ;D ;D ;D Welcome Back amigo! (:WAV)


And another reason why I thought posting HTML was ok: the Forum Policy didn’t say not to. (:TNG)

Welcome back friend


If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness or other violations of this policy, feel free to bring it to the attention of a Comodo member, Admin or a Mod through a Private Message.

Hacking a forum is considered as an abuse IMHO ;D

I’ve been here since saturday 88)

group hug? :-La

[anchor=dunno]Jeremy I’ve read enough of these I didn’t know to invite you to confirm before acting if any new idea that crosses your mind has been already moderated.[/anchor]

If it is something so innovative that other members never attempted it please PM a moderator about it.

In case a one or two members did something similiar and were not banned please don’t assume they didn’t something questionable and please remember

Even if the policy encourage self-moderation and cooperation and it acknowledges that novice members may not be able to fully integrate in these forums at the beginning, it doesn’t explicitly states that regular members whose actions can be counterproductive for these forums despite their good intentions are to be regarded in the same way.

As no moderator is usually willing to ban a member despite his/her good intentions, when specific concerns arise, said members are usually informed about these concerns and explicitly encouraged to show their good intentions in a different way.

In some cases even if a topic/post caused Policy-wise concerns if the specific violation was not serious enough for a ban these member will be simply encouraged by PM to behave differently without ever moving their topic/posts.