The Everything Is Off-Topic Thread

Yeah well, who posted this :o

No wonder she is scared >:(

Greetz, Red.

:frowning: it’s your fault. >:(
here’s the deal :stuck_out_tongue: everytime a female member ask a question, you techie-techie nerdie nerdie (:NRD) guys PM me the answer,how’s that? (:TNG)

Or i’ll take care of it and tell the chicks to watch out for Ganda? ;D

All you have to do is link her to this thread. That’s more evil.

hey, soya’s not here, i’m in charge now >:( it means, i AM your leader. >:( he even lend me the goose ban key ;D >:(
guess i’ll have to put the comodo administrator logo to my siggie. ;D

I take that as you want to play someone from Comodo, so now I can ban you ;D


[i]Boy wonder right: Earth is in peril-Nasa
AFP Published:Apr 17, 2008

A 13-year-old German schoolboy has corrected Nasa’s estimates on the chances of an asteroid colliding with Earth in 2036 after spotting a mistake by the US space agency.

Nico Marquardt used telescopic findings from the Astrophysical Institute of Potsdam to calculate that there was a 1 in 450 chance that the Apophis asteroid would collide with Earth, the Neuerster Nachrichten reported.

Nasa had estimated the chance at only 1 in 45000 — but has now confirmed that the young whizz kid got it right.

Nasa and Marquardt agree that if the asteroid does collide with Earth, the ball of iron and iridium, 320m wide and weighing 200billion tons, will smash into the Atlantic Ocean, creating huge tsunamis, destroying coastlines and inland areas, and creating a thick cloud of dust that would darken the skies of our planet indefinitely. [/i]

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1:450 :o :o :o

ganda, why worry? Won’t you always have a nice red planet to return to? :wink:

i worry about you :-* :-* :-*

but not me or any others? :cry: (:AGY)

Of course not. One goose less won’t make any difference ;D

You better watch out dude… i have “connections” O0 :stuck_out_tongue:

I myself am fine with a signle broadband connection :■■■■

MAFIA!!! connections. jk ;D

Oh? It would be sad if I had to kill all of them :frowning:

LOL :slight_smile: and i have my mouter

Ganda, you’re going to need to make 110% use of that mouter because I’m going to beat you to the chase here.
next time let the expert do the job (:HUG)

All those experts and her issue is still unresolved.

A real expert can make up her mind in 3 postings at most :-TU.