The end of a journey

This is will be my last post in this forum (I will also be moving to other OS, so I won’t have any reason to keep coming, if not using any Comodo products, and will also take out of this system CIS, as I won’t be maintaining it any more and it has been giving me some problems.), as it seems that I am someone somewhat questionable, or what I post here, it seems.

I say this based on this thread (;msg233151;boardseen#new), where I asked if someone could test SafeSurf/CMF against an exploit test by Exploit Prevention Labs, which I wondered, if, although, being a test designed for LinkScanner Pro, SafeSurf/CMF could detect such “exploit”, even if, again, targeting LinkScanner Pro. I just wondered, that’s all. Since I don’t have both SafeSurf/CMF installed, I asked if someone could test them.

I had no other intentions. But, it seems that a moderator, which seems to think I have something against Comodo, sees otherwise. His/Her right to think it so.

I quote

"I hope members will remember this topic when they read your other contibutions and comments about Comodo products.

It’s up to them to believe you."

I also hope everyone will search for all my posts since the first day I registered at this forum, which was to request for help.

From among all my posts until today, you will find only 1 post where I also questioned, after a user did it, why Comodo mentioned on their official page certain reviews acclaiming CIS as a high rewarded security tool, when such reviews could be found no where. I guess this was a right I had, to question such.

From this point on, everytime I make mention that any Comodo product can’t detect or that I ask if someone can check it out and test if it can or not, is the same as saying that I am bashing Comodo products. Great for you.

Anyway, I just wish it was possible to search Comodo forum just by the nickname. I would place all the links for all of my posts, but since I can’t, well, I also invite you to search all the forum for all of my posts and tell me one, besides the one I already mentioned about the reviews (

I would also ask everyone to also read all of my posts suggesting improvements to Comodo products. Then, yes, judge me, and think whatever you wish.

I give you just a few last ones:

I don’t know if this is the right term in english, but, if only sorry could kill a person, I would be dead by now. Why? Taking all this into consideration, I regret all of my suggestions. If I could take them back, I would.

Please, don’t see me as a bad person, but that’s how feel about it.

P.S: I’m starting this thread, as the moderator blocked the other thread without giving me the chance of commenting back his/her last words.


First and foremost you omitted that was a test meant only for Linkscanner Pro and also you posted that test in another board whereas it was not possible to test with any other product.

When you barely acknowledged that it was only meant only for Linkscanner you posted about you misinformed viewpoint about the nature of Comodo Bo test claiming that like the ones you mentioned they were specifically meant to test only the corresponding products.

Although a few doubts and concerns here and there in other topics can looks legitimate to casual readers who cross them by chance that whole topic IMHO provide an interesting reading.

Whereas the doubts and the questions arise at very specific points following the opening post (Whereas it was not possible to tell the difference between uninformed and misleading).

For the record:
Darkbutterfly used his first (and last) chance to comment to post misinformed claims obviously attempting to drown the topic in an endless sequence of misleading claims making difficult for everybody to remain focused on the violation.

Hi DarkButterfly

As far as I know, you can search the forums by nickname. However, assuming that you do not delete your account once you have left, then the following URL should show all your posts (not sure if it works for unregistered users)…;sa,showPosts

… assuming that’s what you wanted?

Scrap that… he deleted his account.

I wonder why he did that if he wanted members to check all his posts…

Now members will have to search them for sure. :-\

Let’s learn…

I liked DarkButterfly. (from my limited readings of his posts)

Have a happy time with the new OS.
Hope you be back!
And I think linking to a test was not that big of a deal. Tests gets linked everyday, are we going to question people who link to “matousec” to? “hey, whats your motive really”?

Too bad then that Darkbutterfly deleted his account preventing you from easily browsing all of his posts.

A misleading test is a big deal expecially if the user is aware about that or once acknowledges that continue to use the same topic to promote his product of choice eventually discrediting other products.

Again Matousect tests and the ones featured in the above mentioned topic cannot even remotely compared.

I agree, strange interpretation. I don’t believe that was the issue (linking to a test) at all… I believe it was more like trying to apply a test to CMF/SafeSurf that had been specifically designed for another product & then highligthing that it failed… which it would have done, since if the browser’s buffer had not actually been overflowed, then neither CMF or SafeSurf would have reacted. Both CMF & SafeSurf are Buffer Overflow (BO) protection programs.