The effectiveness of an up to date anti virus against Zeus.....23%!

Since Zeus change all the time no wonder AV’s can’t detect it. Let’s hope DEF+ and Firewall will.

Defense+ will stop it.

Really? Even the brand new file?

Anything not whitelisted will be stopped.

that is the power of “Default Deny Architecture”…with “Auto Sandboxing”…its amazingly powerful!

What if it was whitelisted by mistake or the file seems to be normal? What are the chances of that esp Zeus one since it can hide well?

;D Can’t argue with that :rocks:

Prevention is always better than the cure. Ensure that you're always running and up-to-date third-party software and browser plugins as on the majority of occasions cybercriminals will attempt to exploit outdated and already patched vulnerabilities, next to coming up with creative ways to socially engineer you to execute a malicious executable.
Why is there no mentioning of HIPS/sandbox/whitelist techniques as means of prevention? 8)

CIS V5 can not protect against this type of malwares.

“one safe .exe file with a malicious .dll file in the same folder”