The drunken song

Quote: I prefer milk

Sometimes I prefer milk, sometimes I prefer ■■■■.

Ever dared to try ■■■■, Ganda?

Hmm… Now this topic about AntiVir turns into a topic about milk and ■■■■? ???


LOL, you might know how to make a software,doing things, and other, but your parents created you. they’re still one step in front of you. ;D

What if I’m so smart that I created myself out of nothing? :wink:


P.S. This feels a bit off-topic now, so let’s stop? :stuck_out_tongue: D.S

Why worry 90% of this thread has been off topic (:LGH)

LOL, so true. beside, this topic is mine :smiley:

Nah it’s true my mom only knows how to open IE7 and surf the web for whatever mothers look for on the internetz :stuck_out_tongue: My dad dosent even know how to open IE7 (:LGH) But it’s alright they got me here so i cant rip on them to much :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for the answer to my question :slight_smile:

Lol, Ganda for the president of off-topic!

No problem :wink:

While we’re totally off topic here I’m wondering how many posts do I need to become a 5 star Comodo hero?

200 i guess.
it’s easy, just reply every topic with “LOL” or smiley. you’ll get there ;D

p.s. finally… we’re moved ;D , drunken song? :smiley:

That’s great news I can just post some drivel and soon be a regular hero :BNC

That's great news I can just post some drivel and soon be a regular hero

You are being watched (:KWL)

We require anonymity!

Anyways, Ganda, I never think you’ll beat my record in posting lol.
I used to be in CS-clan, and I made about 100,000 posts in 1 year!
Lucky me, the leader and I was pretty good friends, else he would’ve kicked me :stuck_out_tongue:


Even drunken heroes can’t set that record.

100.000 posts!?!?!? well “computer mage” title isn’t for nothing.

That’s about 274 posts/day, you’ll most likely get banned if you do it here on Comodo’s forums ;D


That’d be over 4 hours a day! You should be offered a job here not banned at that rate. :o

ya, at least give you some souvenirs ;D

I was actually admin(lol I know) on that site, so I had no post limit, so I could post as much as I wanted ;D


Ragwing, there’s a limit to administrative powers and you have exceeded it.