The Dragon would of course be a natural fit with COMODO.

The Dragon would do what many apps I use now do except much better.
Keylogger protection - Catches all hooks to the system and let’s you decide to allow or not, and undo any that you did not mean to stop. (as some hooks are legit),

Start Up Monitor - This watches and partrols for anything at all that is made to start in the system. You can then go and allow or not allow it to take place. It also shows ALL hidden processes.

RootKite Hunter - Like it states you activate this of The Dragon and it seeks out and alerts you to anything at all out of line. And, has the power to remove it.

In and Out Protection - As in you can tell the system NOT to accept or send anything related to contacting the network or online world UNTIL all other protective guards are in place. Allows you to see LIVE connections of where they are contacting such as a hidden file on your system by tracing the path used for the inbound connection - this will alert the user to where and what, and how to stop and prevent this.

Anything going out - Instead of a generic blank is trying to connect to the internet attacker is blank, have the program find this and open the folder and file where it is and show it. And, show what connection port of was trying to reach.

Aplplication Install Guard - This part is to watch ALL installed processes from user to online types. So a download from the internet will be logged as such. A WhoIs and where from will be logged to insure that should anything funky be found, that it can be fully traced to the source host of the problem. Or at least able to alert a legit company to a major issue. Also, when it comes time to uninstall this part of The Dragon insures 100% of everything is removed not just some of the files and keys. All of it is removed, leaving you with a system as if it never was installed.

System Hardening - This part tightens up the otherwise pretty open Windows OS and seals up many easy to find exploits. As well as offering the expert user the choice to seal up more issues. In the easy mode this would do that as well, just not to the full max an expert may decide they like. So cleans recently used files, temp, garbage, allows for a cleaning of the trash bin so that old deletes can not be relocated using other software.

System Tune - This defrags ALL parts of the system. Boot, page file, and all. Gives you the chance to auto defrag any part or all of these parts. Also provides like featuires found in CCleaner except better.

PORT Guard - A means to not just stealth ports from most scanning means, but also is able to instantly detect in or out attempts that could be missed by the other layers that a malware or fracker (I want to note that Hackers, true blue Haclers could care less about the ■■■■ on my system, as well as others. These people mostly have a stand alone isolated lab PC system just for hacking also known as customizing, tweaking, adjusting, and otherwise looking for ways to make things run better, and more securely than is possible currently, they also many times will provide not just the problem found, but the means to resolve it to the vendor of the software or PC they have found issues with. True Hackers are some of the coolest people around, and sadly major media had coined this term Hacker in the wrong manner and most assume now it is a bad thing. I support, and fully feel true Hackers are why we are able to even be online today. With out these people doing what they do in companies R&D and otherwise in labs of there own many of the things we take for granted now would not be possible.)

So Frackers I am saying first here are the Fooked up wannabe people who feel it is up to them to make everyone’s life a living mess while we go online. Of course this means we need to we alert. So anyone reading this who is a true blue Hacker, know that I thank you for the work you do. :slight_smile: The other people who fook with people… Know that I am always on the lookout for you, as in will report your arse to the proper people to get you arrested type of looking for you.

Kernal Guard - Not just any old kernal guard… This will create a Sand boxed one that is used for ALL levels of users even the ADMIN only in the safe mode will this not be on. Safe no access out to the network mode that is. Otherwise it is on. The real Kernal will never again be harmed or at least be harder to harm. How can this be done? With a rotating encryption that can be changed every start up, or every hour, or so based on user needs.
If the sandbxed kernal is messed with an alert will pop up or sound will be made to let the use know something changed with it, and give the chance to review WHAT program did the touching of the kernal, what was original, and what the change will be if allowed.

If something from online did this, trace the connection to the source and WHOIS and router name such them, locate the geo location of the signal, and alert the user to this. It may be expected, and nothing. But, it also mey be a hidden program that sent a command to attack, and now the attack is in action. You caught it read handed.

Total Tool Bar control - Have you ever had the tool bar hidden and out of the blue one day it starts to pop out for no reasons. You do some digging and find an odd program or something doing it. You go to click the icon in the Sys Tray and it vanishes. Now if this happens the second it happens that process is called up, and you are given the chance to stop it, prevent it, and or find out how to remove it. No more of these annoying issues in the tool bar sys tray sections.

Hidden Windows Show All - This allows the user to show or hide any windows on the desktop not normally seen.
It also shows what program, where it is, and allows you to open that location, and find out more about that unknown window or object. You also can stop the process request that it not start again if not needed, and undo anything if it makes a mess of things.

UnLoack That - Those times you end up with a file, or document that will not delete… In use, or other… Now this can not just unlock it, it will show what is using the file as it may be needed. It will also feature an undo option in case this makes a mess of things. As well as a delete it, and schedule to delete on next reboot, or restart options. Also this will allow you to LOCK any file as well with or without a password. So like RegEdit now can locked to keep the kiids from finding it and making a mess of things. :slight_smile: Same with the command line feature.

Command Line Gaurd - Where this gaurds from hidden command line processes from taking place. If something tries it will alert the user to what is or WHOIS doing it. Connection tracing also, as to allow the location of issues better.

Drive Gaurd - Ever wonder where drive F is when you do not have one? Well now this will alert you to virtual drives, as well as real drives in use on your system. Now you can explore those once hidden drives many times legit and see just they contain. And, when they are created and removed, as many CD’s and DVD games will make use of these to store game information or program information normally not seen by the ned user. Also will report on ALL conntions to the system by USB and network as a means to insure someone has not connected and removed something with you away from the desk, or keybaord… Another means to detect invasion also.

Process Hunter - This locates all processes hidden and all on the system and shows them all. It also shows the program name for each process, and where they are, and all that good stuff someone needs to locate trouble.

Don’t Jack This - Like HiJackThis this will generate all that infotmation and send it to COMODO and the user will be able to get a key code emailed to them so they can goto the COMODO site and enter this for a customized report on what was found, and how to remove anything not wanted, that could not be removed with other means. This is the full system net, and no matter if anything else was missed before… This will show ALL that is on the HD this scans, hidden or not, encrypted or not, and will report on it. So anything locked by user using The Dragon will state User Locked Option - Could Not scan. Or, have the option to unlock it, and scan it, and lock it back up again so as to insure something nasty is not hidden in that part.

Of course the entire HD can be locked as well, just know that conntecting to network and online world will not happen, as it can not unlock the HD to access the needed software, and hardware to talk to it.

Delete ANY program - This means delete the Messenger program, Email, and Media Player as well as IEbrowser without harming the ability to connect online. The way this could work is to insure another Browser Firefox, Opera, or any OTHER browser is first on the HD and actively able to connect to the internet before it will delete internet explorer and will repath the system to locate that other Browser instead of the IE one. Or, allow to repath the system to the new browser as to prevent IE from ever being used on mistake for those who may use it sometimes.

Super Optimize System - Used by Advanced and Expert level users only. This allows the system to be optimized into the smallest possible stable working secure OS possible. So it will delete all desktop pictures (normal ones with OS, sounds, Screen Savers (will let you keep any ONE you like, but only one) and the games, and all other files and such not needed for this user. So they have just what they want on the OS even if it is just the OS, a Browser, and the COMODO and The DRAGON software they need to run a stable safe secure system as fast as they can.

I will add more as I think of it… :stuck_out_tongue: