The difference between premium, pro and complete?

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I can see in the comparison at the comodo store that there are some small difference between 3 version of CIS 4. The CIS complete suite stands out, and I can really see the difference when it comes to this money guarantee.

But I cant see much difference between premium(free) and pro version. The pro says it has automatic sandbox, trustconnect and pc live support.

Then I read this article:

And I run CIS premium, there is a sandbox in my CIS anyway. And with trustconnect now free, what is the difference? 49.95 dollars for live support?

I am a bit confused! I would gladly pay 49.95 for trustconnect included, but trustconnect is as I see now free.

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Hi White Russian.

CIS Premium, which is free… obviously has all the fully functional features such as the Firewall, Defense+, Sandbox, AV, etc.

CIS Pro… Has the LivePCSupport & $500 virus free guarantee. So if you get infected with CIS protecting your system, and comodo live pc support experts can’t fix the issue, your covered up to $500.

CIS Complete… Has LivePCSupport, $500 virus free guarantee, online backup, and ID Theft protection up to $15,000.

Pls note… Comodo does NOT strip down features between versions. Like for example, AV might be limited in detecting certain malware, or sandbox might be disabled… however, this is NOT the case with Comodo Internet Security. CIS Premium, Pro, Complete… Have same Firewall features, AV Features, Defense/Sandbox features, etc. However with the pro and Complete version you get those extra services if you needed too!

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Thank you for your answer! Now I understand better. I have been confused for a while but you explained it very well!

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