The Death of IE

Hard to believe that as of Windows 10 there is no more Internet Explorer. The new browser is called Spartan which many of you probably already know. Can’t wait to see the final release version of that.

Also Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for all users (XP - 8.1) . Even those which are counterfeit versions. This is official in China where they estimate 9 out of 10 copies are counterfeit.

From the wording of the press release(s) it sounds like all users worldwide will have the option.

Yes indeed the end of IE is near. But I honestly hope that Microsoft will find a way to make the new Spartan to be compatible with IE add-ons. There are some online streaming that work only with Sopcast. And I guess this would be at least for me a sad thing to see it vanished.

My understanding is that Win10 will contain both IE and Spartan for compatibility reasons. No need to panic yet.