The bugs, wich I found.

Hi! Yesterday I decide test Comodo Internet Security, 'cause OA++ after selfupdate starts selfclosing…
CIS - of cause v 4, latest build.
So, now I count all problems of this version:

  1. Massive RAM utilisation on scanning*
  2. Jumps of RAM usage on scanning*
  3. High load of cores on scanning (sometimes 35-50 %, but when jumps on 80 - 100 % - those jumps are longer, then when CIS on scanning use 35 - 50 %)*
    • information by windows sidebar gadget
  1. Low-speed scanning. OA++ scan files too fast then CIS v4. I think that’s must to emprove.

In result of problems - my CPU automatic shutdown on full scanning.
Configuration: AMD Athlon 4400+ (DualCore), 2Gb RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit), System HDD - SATA 250 Gb.
May be - automatic shutdown only my problem, but I decide to write about found problems on forum.

if your computer is shutting down becasue of loading you have hardware problems. A well built computer should be able to stay at 100% cpu usage forever without over heating or shutting down. I would check my cou temps to see where they are at. I would also check my psu voltages to make sure you don’t have a failing power supply.

To see if temperatures/cooling are playing a role let Prime 95 run for 4 or more hours. Does it shut down?

another thing is that you can have running too many process in your’s pc. so good thing is to start some software to show’s up, what u need adn what u dont need. like for example, if u have instaled adobe reader, u can remove form autostart adobe reader speed launcher. and so on and so on.

and other rhings u dont need. and try to clean up inside of the pc tower from dust etc. this migt help as well.