The best way to update

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie and just today I decided to join the comodo 5 beta testing program.
I’ve to admit…normally I use avast for my pc security…question of habit…and then, untill today, looking at different on line tests , I newer noticed high detection rates by comodo AV.
Starting with version 4, I could notice a huge improvement in AV performance…I would be curious to see an AV comparatives test soon or later…
So, considering various positives reviews of comodo 5 beta found on youtube, and willng to join togheter all needed security features (AV, firewall, HIPS…) for free in one product…here I am. ;D
Lets ask my question…when a new beta release comes out, what is the best way to update? from scratch or using the internal comodo update feature?? I know that normally an installation from scratch should be better, but as you can understand it wouldn’t be very convenient…

Thanks for any reply :slight_smile:

I would say take the one you think you should take. In both cases your experiences will be of value.

Are you testing this product?? If yes…probably you know it better than me…so, how do you upgrade it??

This is beta testing so try the convenient method and if that doesn’t work report your problem. That’s what beta testing is about.

Ok…i know it, I was asking about your upgrade experience in this beta testing, since is the first time I use this program…anyway, I’ll do it by myself. Thanks.

Good luck with your testing and your input will be appreciated :wink: