the best product i have used in a long time

i ran across comodo quite by accident and i am so glad i did and i have read the negative things being said about it but i believe once anyone becomes familiar with it they will love it…but i must admit that if i was not an advanced user i wouldnt like it but as it is i love it!!! :comodorocks:

Wait till you clap your peepers on Comodo Time Machine!! Brilliant!!

■■■■ I’m impressed with this product.
Since AVG 7.5 died, I have been trying everything on the market and different combinations as well but all have problems and in many cases help is not always on hand and often the customer is always wrong.
I too found Comodo by accident and after installing it all I can say is WOW! :wink:

Excellent product. Certainly the best I’ve used in a very long time - and its free. When I’ve got more time I’ll be back. Cheers guys. Assassin65

I have just joined the comodo users and found that it does exactly what it says on the box no fuss just good anti virus and all round protection easy install and thankfully idiot proof

Thank you guys, really appreciate these kind words…its our fuel that keeps us going…your trust and your kind words!

thank you


Hi , Too for me runrig is ugual Kind regards