The Best Firewall with the worst interface

I was Zone Alarm user for more than 7-8 years. Recently I was testing machine with Vista, [Crapista], and I just installed Comodo…
I was surprised how good firewall it is. Like control freak I don’t mind the messages, because I like to control my system and all running apps. I was so delighted that I was uninstalling ZA on my main machine and switched to Comodo.
The only negative thing I found with Comodo is the CHAOS of interface and commands. I don’t know why the best programs have misery of interface, but, unfortunately, Comodo is one of those programs.
My suggestion is Comodo team to do something about if it is possible. Maybe than the new users will accept this jewel even more.

Somewhere after the release of v4 there will be an overhaul of the UI also incorporating usability enhancements. Stick around for that somewhere in 2010.

As well as many other exciting things we hope like BB etc… would be nice to get a slight insight as to the plans for v4 don’t you think Eric? A roadmap so to speak, if possible.

The last thing I heard from Melih about the BB was that we could expect it with 4.1. But remember this is not written in stone.

@EricJH & Admin
I hope the UI does not change. I personally love the UI. Easy to navigate around. Effective and low on system memory too.
Honestly, I would not ask to change anything about it.

Just letting you guys and gals know there is at least one very happy user here in Australia whom uses the COMODO Firewall.
10/10 :-TU

Aberrant, are you sure you don’t want to change anything about the UI?

For example, the alerts window displays the IP that some process tries to connect to. Quick, tell me what’s wrong with this IP that svchost.exe tries to connect to via UDP:

Right, you have to copy/paste that IP and do a whois on it. Worse, Comodo’s alert window won’t let you copy/paste the IP - you’ll have to type it by hand.

So here we have a simple and very useful enhancement that’s been requested for years, but the Comodo devs didn’t give a ■■■■ about -

Hi Dandv. Don’t hold your breath for a reply Aberrant was last active on the Forum 22nd Feb 2010.
Kind regards.

Captain Sticks,

I just wanted to correct a mistaken opinion, which other users may read.

In general, I find that way too many people give strong but imprecise praise to Comodo, instead of an objective, careful evaluation. But eh, such is the nature of internet.

NP Dandv. :slight_smile: I just thought the date might have slipped past, and yes you are very welcome to give your feedback & comments. Kind regards.

After binning Zone Alarm because of a cluttered interface, I have to say COMODO has one of the best I have used. Everything is grouped together and easy to find.

I hope COMODO doesn’t change, unless it has a button for beginners to have a simple interface and leave the current one alone.

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