That's it! I've had it! Goodbye COMODO IS

I’ve uninstalled CIS. It just got too stupid. Irregardless of how I answer “Allow” “Treat app as Trusted” “Remember my Answer” CIS just keeps on asking and asking and asking over and over and over and over. I’ve re-done what I was told in my first post, but those solutions don’t seem to work anymore.

So goodbye CIS! I mean, c’mon! It was even conflicting with COMODO BOClean for goodness sake! What’s up with that?

So I’ve taken it out, at least for now.

Sorry to see you go. Were you using CIS in the default configuration?

So goodbye CIS! I mean, c'mon! It was even conflicting with COMODO BOClean
based on this, I wonder what version this person had ??? and what kind of programs were installed???

Sorry to see you go. I must admit when installing new programs is quite chatty but other that its quiet. I haven’t had a pop up in weeks.

In the zerro mode you’ll get non pop-ups. :-TU

I didn’t say I’d be gone forever. The day I uninstalled CIS, I found this:

I’ll try a fresh reinstall using the latest CIS and I will be following the above link’s steps.

Welcome back… next time please don’t slam the door so loud…:wink:

I find the latest CIS the least unobtrusive yet. I have had hardly any pop ups at all and when I do it is connected to what I am doing and therefore self explanatory. The only “problem” I have had is the very occasional reset of the AV database to 1 on a reboot. Irritating but not disastrous. Go Comodo.

Topic locked. There was no clear topic start and topic starter didn’t want to clarify his problem in an attempt to get things cleared up or solved.


So I’ve taken it out, at least for now.
seems to indicate nothing more than wanting to get something of one’s chest.

I kindly advice topic starter when he wants to start a help support topic in the appropriate sub board of Help - CIS. And for a rant in General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything…


Sorry about your issues. As most people did say here, The latest version (3.11) which can be found here has one of most minum pop ups compared to any other solutions in the industry by default. Also, As of version 3.9, BOClean is now integrated into CIS and no longer needed for stand a lone, And BOClean has been discontinued standalone.

With the above link, Yes please follow it. It’s for people who have a Clean PC and want to keep that PC clean, period. It’s for running your current applications on your computer with zero alerts, while automatically blocking others. You can off course use the second configuration to uninstall/install software when needed, mentioned in that post.

Hope all goes well!