That it for a file signers.tvt in CIS?

I have incidentally noticed this record at clearing by means of the utility.
As - green light - I have removed this record with all others where there was green light.

I have looked a way and have noticed, that this file actually is not present.
And here, that to have noticed.
If incidentally to remove this record - it is impossible to change regularly modules and to remove Comodo from a computer.
Gives out a mistake.
Screenshots attached.( GUI in English but a mistake in regional language? - “It was not possible to get access to accommodation in a network”. )
If to leave this record that all works properly.
Who can explain? That it for a file signers.tvt in CIS?
Why there is this record for clearing in the utility?
One PC:
Win 7 32 bit CIS 5.10 - 12.

As with new versions CIS 6-7 I do not know. ???
Did not check.

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