Thanks for informing me Nexus is a virus, CIS 4.0.141...

And how can I get rid of the popups now?
Hmm? Every time I start it shows me the same - Nexus is a virus, KabAuth is a virus… etc
Please don’t propose me to add, delete, send and a bunch of other things I’ve tried. It ain’t work.

What is the point of this one? Is this a question, or a statement? Do you want to help, or complain?

Tis a feedback isn’t it?

Try here: AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting.

Do you want to fix it? If you tell us not to try to help you then it’s useless feedback.

“Please don’t propose me to add, delete, send and a bunch of other things I’ve tried. It ain’t work.”

Who has told you what, when?

“Hmm? Every time I start it shows me the same - Nexus is a virus, KabAuth is a virus… etc

Nobody is saying they are. If CAV is reporting them as virus’s then they need to be reported as FP’s if that is indeed what they are. Then maybe it will FIX the problem. Coming here and posting a “This sucks!” thread helps no one, least of all you.

See my point? :wink:

Hi again (this particular day :wink: ) Watasha :wink:

There is definitely no point whatsoever

but the question should sound like : “Do you want help?” , not “to help”, since that statement cannot “help” anybody.

despite I am not using Comopdo’s AV the rule is simple - if you want to use this or that
particular AV, that you like - please submit what was flagged by the commonly accepted rules to the vendor that produced flaggings

That is no such thing as malware being not able to compromise “Trustred” ; “Signed”… any Application

Basically, creation of a huge list of Trusted Apps (that many or most users do not need and never will use ) is a joke!

The Names themselves: "Nexus ???, KabAuthd ??? " whatever… do not mean a thing in a hundred years!

You have a detection and you are not sure - submit the items that you and only you have on your computer

That will be the only action that is helpful in order to improve the AV you are going to use

That’s as simple as that!

Otherwise if you are certain that those are FPs - just WhiteList them - that’s all !


Are you following me? :wink:

If that was a Q addressed to me - those were just a coincidental few encounters today
… but anyways - you are wearing a helmet so you shouldn’t worry a lot ;D

I was just kidding.

What did you mean, he needs to make these applications trusted instead of the security company adding them?

Thank you guys for reply. This was half a error report, half a help request. The fact is there was one more sentence which sounded like “How can I get rid of it now?”, but mysteriously disappeared in the subtheme field. Thanks burebista for your suggestion, I’ve tried, believe me, Basically I’m doing it every time I test a new version to come since the first beta. Starting to think some server is stuck of my requests to send these two files and that’s why can’t reach Comodo.
SiberLynx, Nexus is a Stardock free utility is known worldwide, There should not be recognition troubles. :wink:

Hi Apach, thanks for reply
The point was not in “Nexus/Stardock” in particular that I know of but just about the submitting the sample(s) that precisely reside on user’s computer if there are flaggings & doubts. I do understand that you may have temporarily troubles reaching the server.
If you are submitting that via CIS interface and that’s failing, then create password protected archive and send (attach) that by e-mail to Comodo’s developers

and i was seriously kidding :smiley:

No, as far as I understood - the Apps were flagged by AV (correct me if I am wrong)
If so, it doesn’t matter whether you make’em “Trustred” if such thing is possible that would be a definite big flaw!
What I meant in my message that any app. can be compromised & I was talking about existing “List”

What does it mean : "please make (e.g.) some ISO disk mounting Software or whatever else… “Trusted”? Why ? Because you are using it ??? So what?
It can be got from different “bad place” it can be tampered by existing missed malware that is already on your PC … “Signed” Aps,? those can be tampered as well - that’s what I meant


OK then make a new topic in that subforum about your false positives and attach the files. Dev team will answer you. Sooner or later. :smiley:

Heh SiberLynx let me guess CIS’ behaviour on a fault send request - it’s gonna popup and shout out there is no connection available. Right? But it’s silent from which I make a conclusion everything is ok. Every time I have to defeat CIS to force him let me use Nexus. It takes it as a virus, removes and never listens when I’m saying it’s not. Moreover it ignores all the links to the file in the whitelist and such.

Ok. Thank you. Gonna try it when a new ‘beta’ comes. :smiley: