Thanks comodo

thank you all for a wonderful free firewall i love it and its my first day (B)


Im using Vista Ultimate x64 and CIS rc1 works perfect no bugs so far firewall 10/10 AV 10/10 updates 10/10 ive tried AVG 8 ,Mcafee 2008 and Norton 360 and Comodo internet security works the best even integrates with Firefox 3 {Minefield} x64 and this is only the beta things can only get better great work to the Comodo team thanx (:LOV) :BNC :■■■■

yes, CIS will get ALOT better with many new features. this is only the beginning.


+1 on .FaZio93. (:KWL)


(B) (M) (L) (J) (R) (S) (V) (CLY) (:LOV) (:HUG) (:AGL)