Thanks Comodo ^.^


After being a long time user of Norton I finally decided to bite the bullet and leave their expensive bloatware behind. :smiley:

For a while I was stymied as to what security software to turn to. A full suite or seperate speacialist programs? Free or paid? In my investigations and many forum posts someone suggested CF. I checked out the site, dl’d the app and added it to the long list of potentials. After sometime and a many reformats later CF blew away the competition in the firewall catagory. It made me become ashamed to have paid for Norton’s offerings after all these years.

So what set-up did I decide on in the end? CF (of course) + Kavspersky AV (once again - blew away the competition in the AV catagory - although BitDefender gave it a run for its money) + Spyware Terminator to plug any holes I missed. With these 3 programs, combined with a couple of other system utilities, i’m finally happy with my new security setup.

Just wanted to say thanks to the comdo team for putting out a firewall that puts its paid compititors to shame. Its ironic that 2 of my security programs are supplied from companies that have, how shall i say, ‘dabbled’ in the more murkier side of the web lol.

Thanks Comodo!

P.S. My only feature sugestion to the CF team would be to add the feature Norton has - the ability to search for ALL internet enabled executables/programs and thus be able to set up all your rules etc before getting all these annoying pop-ups. Other than that - its a great piece of engineering.

P.P.S. Also, the ‘protection strength’ box is a little misleading but thats just nit-picking ^_~

Welcome to the forum and the Comodo-family :slight_smile:

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