Thanks [at] Comodo, Kiosk Question

Hi Comodo team,

When I saw your beta of CIS v6, I said to myself: “Oh no, it’s over. This is so hard to use and so many of the previous, great features are missing!” Having installed the final version, I’d like to say thank you for considering users’ feedback and incorporating their suggestions, esp. regarding features to carry over from v5. A lot of developers just push what they want onto their user base without doing that and thus, create products many find harder to use (ahem Windows 8 cough). Nothing is ever going to be “perfect” for anyone, but I think you did a great job of creating a program that’s usable and customizable by a broad base. Thanks for that! :slight_smile: :-TU

On a completely separate note, I’m not sure that I really understand the virtual kiosk feature. Is it a full blown VM, or just a sandbox app? Doesn’t the Sandbox do the same thing?

Hi faraway64d,
VirtualKiosk is acting as a full Virtual separate operating system environment (VM) and any changes made within Kiosk are not made to the real system as with running any program in Virtual mode.
I think the links below describe the differences better than I can.
The Virtual Kiosk-Comodo Help
Run an Application in the Sandbox-Comodo Help
Configure the Sandbox-Comodo Help
External link below,
What’s the difference between a sandbox and a virtual machine?