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Melih, what language is this article written in? I’d like to pass it though a google translation to read what it says.


wow… now I know why free translation services are free… literal / brute force translations make “D!ck & Jane” look like poetry ;D

But I certainly got the gist that they liked it… and are looking forward to the international/translated versions.

For the benefit of all the forum readers, here’s a ‘human’ translation of the article from Dutch into English. The underlined items marked in blue are only for quick visual reference (to see where you are in the Dutch original). They are not real links, so if you click on them and you are going nowhere, it’s not your mouse playing up… Any comments on how to rephrase the English result are welcome, as I’m not a native speaker of English.

Free great Firewall from Comodo!

The best Firewall is free!

If you don’t protect computers and networks against ■■■■, you run a big risk of data destruction and data theft. This protection starts with a wall of defense of guarded ports, a so-called firewall. In this way nothing and nobody can illicitly use the thousands of ports a computer has for data traffic. When you use a router, it often has an in-built firewall installed. You should, however, always choose for additional protection by installing a good software firewall.
Of course, these are for sale either as complete packages or as standalone applications.
There are also firewalls you may use for free, but often these are ‘stripped’ versions of the original program or and older version thereof.
The American Comodo Group has a different approach. They give away their firewall with a free lifetime license (after registration). Partly out of conviction, and partly for commercial purposes; to be able to attract attention to their other products.
And believe it or not, but this free Comodo firewall turns out to be the best firewall!
Tests (PDF-document) actually prove that the firewall can’t be bypassed or stopped by hackers and malicious code.
The program recognizes more than 10,000 programs as safe, dangerous, Spyware or Adware. It guards processes on different levels. All Applications and the behavior of the underlying or related components are monitored. Further, it has all kinds of in-built smart technology features, which effectively block crackers and their creations.
The Firewall starts running in Learning Mode and will thus often pop up alerts in which it will ask you to grant permission for programs and processes. This may be confusing. But you can recognize a pattern rather quickly if you keep an eye on what you are doing.
One simple example: you click on a link in a Word document, thus starting your browser, which goes to the referred page on the Internet. For this entire process Comodo will ask your permission.
Fortunately, the alert messages (screenshots) give lots of clear information and advice, but if you don’t have a clue what to do, here’s a tip. Do a Google search in which you enter the mentioned program, library or process name. In most cases, you will see whether it’s safe or not to grant permission.
Suspicious or unknown libraries can even be sent to Comodo right away for analysis.
Much more information and help can also be found on the forums.
The firewall as such does not need any special configuration, and protects your computer right after installation during which it detects and defines networks. Power users may make their own adjustments at will and build their own extended rules.
The Launch Pad that comes with the firewall is an auxiliary program for review and news, but it can be disabled.
Updates protect you against new dangers!
You always have the newest technology available through the product’s automatic updates feature. The language in Comodo is English, but soon international versions will be available, possible also a Dutch one.
By the way, the product is not compatible with Windows 98/ME.
For enterprises Comodo also offers a free firewall and a safe Linux environment for servers in the form of Trustix.
But they give away even more with pleasure, such as their AntiVirus scanner, which is presently still in the beta stage. If this gets just as good as the firewall, Comodo will cause the developers of commercial protection software even more headaches, and you will be able to read about it here!

Tip: to stay updated, subscribe to this Blog via Rss. To find out more, read here.

Tip: for a simple and free firewall: Ashampoo Firewall.

Features of Comodo’s main window:

    1. Highlights - displays the latest Comodo news and information about updates
    1. Traffic - high visual overview of the last minute of traffic history in terms Applications and Network protocols
    1. System info - information about your system in terms of the Hardware and details of all network Adapters in your computer.
    1. View Alerts - Get in-depth details on the high severity risks that the firewall has detected.
    1. Update License - One click activation of your free-for-a-lifetime Comodo license.
    1. Computer Security level - customize firewall security by using the slider to quickly move between preset security levels
    1. Check the security of your firewall’s configuration with Comodo’s online vulnerability scanner, HackerGuardian.
    1. Security Monitoring - get an immediate heads up on the status of the firewall’s major components.
    1. Protection strength - your overall security level determined by the settings you have chosen

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Thank you very much p2u, an excellent translation. What a great article.

Thanks p2u! :wink:

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In English transcription it sounds about like this: ‘Khra:kh khed’a:n’

Paul Wynant

Thanks p2u! :wink: Well, it is good to know, that Comodo is the best firewall!

Není Zač.

Well, anyone can guess what that means in Czech, can’t they? (:NRD)

P.S.: You should all thank Frans; he’s the one who wrote it… (:WIN)

Paul Wynant
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Thanks for the translation Paul.


You are always welcome, Melih!

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