Text Size is too small

I love the firewall, but I have a comment regarding the interface that you might like to consider:

The text size in the application is far too small to be read comfortably, especially, for example, in the Tasks tab. I have not found a way to re-size it.

Hi and welcome to the forum! I do have a question for you, what is your screen resolution set to? The reason I ask is because I need reading glasses and am waiting for them to come in. I have no trouble reading the text and I am on a 13" monitor which is fairly small. As well, my resolution is 1024 X 768 which is smaller as well. I am not debunking you I hope you understand but my near sightedness is pretty bad and I can see the writing with ease so not sure why it’s so small on your screen. Let me know about your monitor, perhaps there is another issue.
If not, and it’s simply not comfortable to you, I apologize and I understand as well. :wink:


I agree. My screen is 1280X1024.

1024x768 makes the icons way too big. Hopefully they will come up with something cuz I love Comodo.


I have actually a few things to add to this.

For starters I have a 19in CRT with a res of 1280x1024 set at 32bit. I too have a problem reading text on screen at this resolution. Two things I have noticed.

well more than 2

  1. If your monitor is older than 3yrs, its partially the monitor itself.

  2. In windows XP there is an option called ‘Clear Type’ It ‘claims’ to only work on LCD’s, but makes a WORLD of a difference on CRT’ monitors as well. you can turn this on by right clicking your desktop>properties>appearence>advanced> standard or clear type, from the drop down box. if its not there, select the other button on the appearance tab. youll notice text is alot ‘softer’

Also, while here, go to settings>advanced>under the ‘general’ tab, and where it says ‘DPI’ in the drop down menu, select Large, or u can custom it. a little ruller comes up with sample text, hold the left mouse button and drag it acrossed the ruler, this will make txt bigger or smaller. click apply ‘yes’ then ok, ok again, and reboot. TADA! bigger text!

Im 25 years old and have pretty good vision, even tho I wear glasses, and even I use this. as text on the screen is too small! Now, it may or maynot affect application text (the kind u cant highlight with ur mouse) but itll affect everything else and make it alot easier on your eyes.

Tho, comodo SHOULD increase the text on both their forums AND their applications.