Text file import bug

If you get (by import) a pair of addresses like this


On the authentication database, then these addresses seem to keep multiplying, and cause CAS to become unstable.

The addresses cannot be removed.

Same seems to happen whenever email addresses vary only by domain suffix.

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Hi Mouse1:

        Do you import those addresses by CSV file? CAS2.5 has one bug on importing CSV files, which will make CAS2.5 unstable. The new released CAS2.6 has fixed it, please update to CAS2.6. Thanks!

No this happens when addresses have been imported from a corrently formatted .bwl list, and indeed direct from Outlook as well. (Though I guess bwl lists are modified CSVs in a way)

I’m not sure that it is wholly an import problem. If you try to remove the addresses, using CAS, they continue to multiply. Maybe the ADB is keying on emails addresses minus the extensions because some parser is eliminating everything after the dots?

Should be easy to replicate and try out some experiments on this at Comodo. Just import or enter using CAS some addresses with the same roots but different suffixes

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Hi Mouse:
Thanks, we will verify it. It seems be a special issue.

That is great

Here are two address formats that made it happen:


x= an alphabetic character - obscured as it is a personal email address


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I confirm this remains an issue in version 2.6, and only applies to email addresses which are the same apart from their suffix.