Testing HIPS blocking

I think that an action that should be blocked by HIPS is not being blocked. Is there a way to test HIPS like how antivirus scanners can be tested with dummy virus files? More specifically, I am able to use copy and paste to copy information into my web browser even when direct keyboard access is blocked. In a previous version of Comodo if I blocked direct keyboard access then I could not use copy and paste to copy information into my web browser.

I don’t think using the clipboard was ever prevented in the past but if you can point to a version that it did work then it can be considered a regression bug that would need to be fixed. I do know that reading clipboard data is protected/block when you set block on direct keyboard access HIPS alert. But you can test using either comodo leak test or spyshelter test.

I also want to test some things. For example, if I block an app from accessing a folder, it can’t create/read files in it but for some reason I can do it using this app, manually opening those files from File menu, so looks like this app can access those files if it is me who wants to open the files, not an automatic access. Is it supposed to be like that or what?

Hi, I ran the Comodo leak test suite and several tests failed. HIPS is enabled and I am surprised that the tests failed. What should I do now?

HIPS only block write access not read access.

You need to make sure CLT is not rated as trusted in the file list, make sure it is not running in auto-containment when you launch it, and make sure you are using the proactive config with auto-containment disabled.