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My bank offers a security check and found no vulnerabilities/gaps on my PC, so it’s a green light. It offers 3 firewall programs for protection for download, one of them is comodo and my bank has absolutely nothing to do with comodo. It is not a small private bank.
Many thanks to comodo, Melih, staff and moderaters.

So you don’t have to talk about fanatics like in malwaretips if you use comodo fw and are convinced of its protection. I don’t think my bank is negligent, especially because of possible recourse claims if an account is emptied.


Here the recommondation:


They recommend Comodo Firewall however not Comodo Antivirus nor HIPS / containment protection or whatsoever, that’s the difference.

They are part of the same package.

That I know. :slight_smile:
They recommend only the Firewall component in the package…

Have you forgotten that HIPS and containment are available in the FW?

No, I haven’t forgotten. :slight_smile:
They recommend Firewall only…

They are referring to the product named Comodo Firewall. People will download and install it as is.

The Comodo Firewall application as it gets installed by default installs network firewall, HIPS and Containment. That is what people will get.

The website does not instruct to go the advanced section of the installer instructing to install only the network firewall and not the other components. Therefor it refers to the program as is.

The conversation started by CISfan about this is therefor taking the topic off track and ends here. This is a violation of the forum policy violation.

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Read my posting:

What’s the problem? Firewalls still are the most importent component of a suite. Nevertheless with the comodo suite my PC all the time was protected very well - once more! Of course, all components have to work together.

You are right!
I only read yours after my post. But I’ll leave it like that for now. The other components of cis have never caused me any problems (but BOSD - it’s in the past). Conclusion: One bank recommends comodo firewall, the other discussion, as you write, is misleading.

Have you forgotten VirusScope?

Indeed I did. My bad.