"test firewall" function not working

Hi everyone:

I hope this is the right forum to post questions regarding Comodo firewall.

I am a new user and just installed Comodo. I am going to have lots of questions.

The first is why doesn’t the “test firewall” function work? I have clicked on the selection but nothing at all happens.

Thank you.

G’day and welcome to the forums,

Clicking the “Test your firewall …” link in the CFP GUI should open IE and take you to http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/testyourfirewall.html.

It correctly opened IE on my system. Do you have a different browser set as your default (just a possibility)?

This page contains the CPIL (Comodo Parent Injection Leaktest) suite of three different, but related, leaktests.

When you run the CPIL tests, there are two things to note that are not clearly outlined. After running one of hte test and entering the text, when the firewall asks for permission to access the internet, you are supposed to click BLOCK (but NOT remember). Clicking allow is explicitly telling the firewall to allow your text to be transmitted, thereby making hte test redundant. The purpose is to check that the firewall is asking what to do.

Secondly, after each leaktest, reboot your PC. Running the leaktests leaves your PCs memory in a non-standard state and your browser is temporarily blocked from access.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen:

My browser is IE (I think version 6.x). I’m not sure if I already had IE open or not but was connected via Earthlink dial-up ISP. The little “hand” appeared when I approached the link with my mouse but clicking it resulted in absolutely nothing happening. I will try it again tonight.

I wonder if one possibility was the fact that after the modem dialed into to Earthlink, I was pretty slow in clicking on allow or deny to all these new windows describing applications I have never really seen before. For instance, files such as svchost.exe, IPClient.exe, Taskpanl.exe and Elinkacc.exe were all asking for “allow” or “deny”. Each of the pop-up screens said like 1 of 20 and clicking through them had the same message but there were only changes such as the IP address. It seems all of the files asking for permission were all associated with Earthlink according to the details area of the pop-up windows (some in Program Files/Earthlink/…) so I THINK they are OK to allow.

By the way, in the log file, all sorts of activity was being logged - all as Medium. I have NO idea what they were. If events are logged in the log window, are they being blocked?? FYI, my system is clean as per scans using Avast! AV program and SuperAntiSpyWare.

Hi Will,

Re. the ever increasing numbers in the pop up alert windows, as you have correctly observed, these are for the same application. It’s caused by the application making repeated attempted to gain access while the firewall is waiting for you to respond to the first attempt. You can simply click ALLOW on the first and it is accepted for all subsequent repsonses of the same application attempting the same access by the same means.

Dial up accounts will generate a few more pop-ups, but if you think they are OK (and from your description, they seem to all relate to your ISP, although SVCHOST is a Windows component and it does need internet access), click REMEMBER and ALLOW.

Just because something is in the logs doesn’t mean it’s being blocked. Mostly, the only things that will be blocked are the things that satisfy your BLOCK rules in the network monitor, or applications you have specifically blocked in the application monitor. Medium status log entries are 99% of the time OK.

If the link in the CFP window still doesn’t work, try clicking on the l;ink in my first reply. It takes you to the same place.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem. When I try and run the suite test, nothing happens. IE is my default. When i run the classic in DOS-mode, it get the following msg:

Launching the Leak test…
ContextRemoteExecute : <5> Access is denied.

Failed execution. Can not try the test.

Is this a setting I permanently applied to my rules???
Thanks for any advice