Terrible Setup!

I saw the 3.0 cfp beta version and then i downloaded it…

My computer is the windows xp sp2, the 32 bit one so I just downloaded the 32 bit beta version.

  1. First, it takes me 3 min to download the setup exe…(the 2.0 one didn’t require so much…)

  2. Then, after opening it, it notice that i should uninstall the 2.0 firewall first, fine…

  3. Restart comlpete. I ran the setup, until to the “scan” part, problems occured…

  • I don’t really know what the scan part is about so i just choose the first one ( i mean i didn’t change anything)

-After scanned the 11 objects, it hanged, and then there were warning continously poped up by the microsoft coporation telling that " microsoft coporation have to close the application in order to keep your computer safe", as it continouse to pop up and i can’t even stop it, i immdiately log out!

-So, i re-log in , then i immdiately click the uninstallation of the firewall, after loading for a while, the uninstall window poped up, but at that time, 3 warnings also poped up and they are the “explorer exe” , “drwnt32 exe” and also a unknown exe. And also, the icon of the 3.0 cfp dissappeared! Then my computer again hanged…

-i shut down my computer by closing the electricity supply, then i re-open, and everythings seem to be normal…

Conclusion: So the conclusion is that the firewall 3.0 wasn’t really seem to be installed into my computer… I didn’t face this problem when i installed the 2.0 one… Can anyone help me please… (:WAV)

I am using the comodo firewall 2.4, plx help me and let me to use the 3.0 as fast as possible! :BNC

Windows: Windows XP/SP2 (32-bit)
Security: Norton av 2007 + Windows Defender
Affected Components: My computer???
No affected software.
Description Below.
Uknown Steps, minus the Window Blinds bug.


maybe it’s worth waiting for V3 final since the beta version is meant to be tested on machine used only for that purpose.

Anyway if you are still motivated to discover unexpected behaviours and bugs here is a troubleshooting list.

[ol]- Restore your system back to a date prior to your first v3 installation.

  • Update your pc and reboot
  • Uninstall all previous firewalls and reboot
  • Create a named System restore Point
  • Disable Norton real-time protection
  • Disable Windows defender
  • Disable WindowsBlinds
  • Disable all other unnecessary applications
  • Install V3 and let it scan your PC for known files
  • Look the workaround topic to build your firewall ruleset
  • If you profiled your pc to find application marked safe by Comodo and you still get alerts please submit that application to comodo using Miscellaneous\Manage My Profiles[/ol]