Terminating Processes

Don’t really know,. if it’s a bug.

I can terminate every process from the window “Active Processes”.
I can easily terminate Services.exe in WinXP, that makes the system restart after 1 Minuten.
I have activated Process Termination, and have no exclusion, but i can terminate this process with comodo.
I don’t think, that this should be so.
This works too for cmdagent.exe.

If you want to terminate something; Then why not allow it?
I believe it’s on the Users Side…
Not On Comodo’s
but I’m sure a simple warning would/should be created before disabling “Needed” Process’s

  • Jacob

but i think, if i dont allow Comodo to terminate a process, why it can do that?

It might because CIS has a trusted application policy. Go to Computer Security Policy → “COMODO Internet Security” file group → Access Rights → Process Terminations → Modify. Under Modify, add “services.exe” as a blocked application. If that doesn’t work, then remove COMODO from trusted software vendors and then try.

Why does it matter that CIS can terminate processes? CIS will never do that unless you tell it to.


I think, if CIS can do that, why shouldn’t it be possible for another application to do that.

Not without CIS alerting you. The “other application” would at least need to install a kernel-mode driver, which would cause an alert.

But i don’t think, that CIS should have such rights at all, for every application.

I’ve set block process termination by CIS, but i can terminate every process i want. I don’t think, that this should be like this.

CIS is not subject to its own rules. Why would they include a process manager if it wasn’t better than Windows Task Manager?

To have a better Task manager then the windows once is great.

But why do i have such subjects for CIS, if it would’nt matter?
If CIS gives me the possibilty to allow/block everything for every application, why this shouldn’t work for CIS Process Viewer?
Can’t understand this. I think that there shouldn’t be an possibility also NOT for CIS, to terminate any application, espacially system critical applications, like csrss.exe, services.exe, cmdagent.exe, without prompt that action.
I haven’t found a way, to stop CIS do this.
Can’t remove CIS from trusted Vendors. it didn’t help to activate process termination/windows message/interprocess access, for the application and to block process termination by CIS.

Why would you ever consider terminating an application with Task Manager? The same applies to CIS. It is your security application. It should have the right to terminate (as you see required) any application.
If you mistakenly allow malware to run and that malware prevents task Manager from performing its function, you will require some method to terminate the malware and possibly any other application associated with the action. CIS’ application viewer shows not only what is active, but how each are associated and being run (in my view), SVCHOST for an example.
If you do not wish to use this function, then don’t. There are many who desire this ability and are happy it is included.