Terminating CPMservice


I run some memory-hungry applications, so in order to free as much memory as I can, I use a script that temporarily terminates all non-essential processes (these are restarted at a later time using another script). My laptop is at its hardware memory limit, so adding more physical RAM is not an option.

The only process I’m having difficulty shutting down is CPMservice.exe. I have not been able to observe any consistency in what technique actually stops it. Simply stopping the service, works - sometimes. Other times, the process just sits there for a long time before finally stopping, and sometimes it does not stop at all. Trying to kill it from Process Explorer or KillSwitch does not change anything, although the KillSwitch Terminator did succeed once. Sometimes, after issuing a STOP SERVICE and a subsequent STOP PROCESS, firing up the CPM application and then exiting terminates the process. Again, the bottom line is that I’m unable to identify a specific, repeatable set of steps that will terminate CPMservice.exe on demand.

Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?

Any advice would be appreciated.