Tell us your experiences with Comodos Forum. With Poll.

Please vote and state your experiences about Comodos Forum.

Did the Forum save you from uninstallng Comodo products, or did it save you from some nasty?
Did you find it interesting and a good place to learn about Security and Comodo?
Was the experience less helpful and enjoyable than you expected?
If the Forum was anything other than what was expected, how can we all improve it?
Please give feedback and ways to improve if required. Thanks.

My feedback.
I didn’t know much about Comodo or Cis until I joined this Forum. Since joining I have learnt the basics about Comodos products and how CIS does differ from conventional (Legacy) type Antimalware products. I was using CIS before joining because it ran so light on my old system, but since joining I would be running it regardless. I have for the most part enjoyed the Forum, made friends, learnt alot, found it nice to be part of and just a nice place to interact with others.
Kind regards to you all.
Edit- Fixed spelling mistake in Subject title

Comodo forum get me some help a few times by now. And it was help about CIS and it was help about other security product. So that is really nice to see.
Also I am learning about Comodo , especially about CIS and I am very grateful for this. :wink:
But sometimes all of Us here should be more patient for each other.
Take care everybody.