Tejon Crypter 1.3

Does anyone know anything about this?

Here’s a link to the Wilders page:

I can’t seem to get much information about it, but it says that it “Bypass Comodo Internet Security (HIPS)”.

I’d love to get access to it, or at least a better explanation of what it does.

You can easily download it from googling (and paying), altough no one can be sure of what it does.

Officially, a reverse-engineering tool allowing to gain access to your computer when forbidden by some windows or third-party software lock.
Actually, seems to be mainly used as a hacking tool.


It’s not like it it was hard to kill comodo …
We can disable comodo with 3 methods,
We can bypass sandbox with 6 methods.
Win easy vs comodo without any bypass :
U want to know what is a crypter ? For bybass AV.
have fun.

Man now I’m scared. :o
We can? Are you one of them? Little green man? Or Man in Black? ;D

Please disable/bypass my CIS and take all my precious data. Pliiiizzzzz.

All can… block running comodo av.
bypass sandbox with java, windows installer, inno setup.
Rogues can restart with a .bat or a specific registry key …
Botnet and keylogger can start with a safe application.
the original files come with files.exe try to executes files.exe … sames icons same size. Connecting to internet, say you got the last update , and botnet/keylogger is here.

All are attacking comodo now, you are not the best, you are owned.

Last post on the Internet guys, sorry I have to unplug my cable forever. Goodbye cruel world… :cry:

Now seriously, I like theory but I want to see practice. Not PoC’s, I really want to be infected during my ordinary browsing routine. :smiley:

they do not admit comodo can be bypassed, so who care the poc or not…
a application try to run ekv.exe (upx compressor) since we are not dumb, say allow, and the files have full acces.

The crypter itself is useless by itself but usefull for an AV Company (Anyone that can hex edit can make any crypter undetectable <— it’s nothing special


also a cryter thats backdoored or a crypted file is another story

also a file that’s not recognized is going get analyzed

It's not like it it was hard to kill comodo .. Lol'ed
How did you do it ???step by step?? (Proactive Mode or not)

Some people like to poke holes for fun or to get statues >:-D, theres nothing wrong with that