TEF wishlist for next versions!!

Hi all,

Currently, we are working for next realease. In couple of days we will have a TEF4.8 version.
Added features in TEF 4.8: Content Filter, AV(Anti Virus), IDS(Intrusion Detection System) .

We are in the process of making feature list for TEF 4.9 version. And now, we are thinking to
extend the product scope for larger entreprises. So guys , plz send ur valuable suggestions
for improving product usability.

Your suggestions, are highly appreciated :slight_smile: .
(CWY) ur suggestions.



I was about to reload 4.7 and play with it again. I had some major issues with it with setup and it being stable (Was not sure if it was 4.6 or 4.7 I started with).

I currently use the Borderware product and found your product very interesting for some of my smaller customers. So, if you want to send me the differences between the 4.7 and 4.8 products, I will send you a bunch of comments and ideas for 4.9.

Also, let me know when the 4.8 is available and I will start there and dump the 4.7 download I have.


Hi Gary,
Thanks for showing interest on TEF (:CLP) .
version is 4.7 is the bug fixes version of 4.6.
Features in current verison:

             1. DHCP Server & Relay Support
             2. Monitoring & Alerts
             3. ARP Proxy
             4. Advanced Logging
             5. Firewall Policies within a subnet
             6. XSAMD(Firewall server) menu options from Client GUI(User Management, Network             
                   configuration, Static Routing) .
             7.  High Availability. 
             8. Corba replacement with socket communciation. 
             9. Openswan VPN support. 

These are main feaures in 4.7, with this some more bugs we resolved.

Features for Version 4.8 :
1. Content Filter
2. AntiVirus
3. IDS
4. Autoupdater of firewall server and OS upgradations
5. HA enhancement & Loadbalancing.

First we will release 4.8 beta release in this month. Then we will go for final release.
With these features TEF might make attractive for the SME’s.
Now we want to seriously put our steps in to enterprise level. Looking the scope for enterprise level.
Let me know ur comments for TEF 4.9.
(CNY) & ur comments.



Let me know when 4.8 is out. (I will watch for it.)

I will have our Techs put it in production and try it against our currnet products. I will send you commnets then


Its in progress. It will come soon.