TEF 4.8Beta1 Release !!!

Hi Everybody,
We are pleased to announce that Trustix Enterprise Firewall 4.8 Beta1 is released. We are making this beta available for testers and general users alike and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions on our forums.
Launched today, version 4.8 Beta1 heralds a host of improvements and new features including;

  • Web Content Filtering support,
  • AntiVirus support,
  • IDS support and a number of other improvements.

Trustix.org invites users to download and obtain their free license here. (http://firewall.trustix.com/small)

As ever, feedback and comments are welcome (:AGL).


we would love to hear from everyone about this Free Enterprise Firewall please.
Its geared towards perimeter security for enterprises.

feedback is greatly appreciated.


If i were running a network of computers Id try it out but since I’m a single computer on my own wireless network I need a standard personal firewall not an enterprise one. I’d test it for you but wouldn’t know where to begin with Enterprise Firewalls.


Oops… realized it’s Lunix related… Sorry… on XP Pro…

Currently working with version 4.6… is this the latest release? appears to be missing the content filtering web section. Also, are there any samples on how to setup this firewall?


Have downloaded the 4.8 release. Found the content filter - yeah!! Can’t seem to add any connections in the VPN Gateway Setup… just an FYI.


What exactly you are getting. Let me know what messages you are getting.


Hi ritl,

Check this link for Firewall Scenario