Technology will turn Photos and Videos into liars!!

Technology will turn Photos and Videos into liars!!

your feedback is appreciated.


Yeah, well I believe certain governments have had this technology for a while now. This is very interesting though.

Maybe this is just one of those things we should never have tried to accomplish in the first place, like the atomic bomb. But humans are so vain and impressed by themselves. What we gain in intelligence, we lose in wisdom.

So, maybe in the future we will distrust everything and everyone unless we are talking to someone in person, after touching each other to make sure he or she is not a hologram (:NRD) Actually, it will be almost like back in the stone age when we considered every stranger a potential enemy and didn’t have any media.

I believe progress is a good thing and as tecnologies increase to make things less trustworthy, you will see on the other side technologies coming up to fill that gap and verify those things that we need to verify.


I full heartily believe this technology has been around for ages and this makes what Melih said above even more important.

Well, I guess you are both wrong. This technology has not been around for ages, maybe only with still images due to Photoshop etc. And just look at supposed shots of UFOs, in many cases photo experts have spent years or even decades analyzing those photos and still have not been able to come up with a final verdict.
And look what has happened in the last couple of wars, lots of intentional misinformation and faked images around which have only been clarified and identified years later (i.e. too late in the case of war) or not at all. So it all boils down to being better than the rest at manipulating people’s opinions.

Certainly, progress is positive, but it is naive to assume invention and change as such are already progress.
It will be like with computer viruses and antivirus programs. The masses will be made dependent on those who claim to be helping them against malware, which according to your thinking might also be called “progress”.
There will be yet another loop between two opposing sides, both preying on the masses, usually financially.
I am sure what you call verifying will be a great business again for some…

Frankly, I have come to fail to see the purpose of all that.

Hi Ursinho, progress is a universal thing and encompasses everything, from the beginnings of the universe to the dawn of man on this planet whether your acceptance of this reality is not or misunderstood things move forward and not backward and the reality of it all is where we are today going forth into tomorrow and that’s life dude and it’s also the reason for Comodos’ existence today and for tomorrow, because of progress and money has little to do with Comodos’ vision, purpose is rather the reason for their being…

Regards and cheers :■■■■
Xman 8)

Hi Xman,

Well, I disagree. Progress means more than just going ahead in any direction just so as to not stagnate. Let’s see what Webster says:

1 a (1): a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2): a state procession b: a tour or circuit made by an official (as a judge) c: an expedition, journey, or march through a region

2: a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) : advance

3: gradual betterment; especially : the progressive development of humankind

Obviously progress means more than just change, it means developing in the right direction. To me the world has definitively not been moving in the right direction for decades. And the way I see it it won’t for quite some time to come. I guess I am too old to fall for that technical progress naivety and Anglo-Saxon business mentality. I am pretty much a luddite now, unfortunately I cannot leave computers behind at the moment as I still have to work in my old job. But I would love to live in a world without cars, computers, cell phones etc. again. And I know others who feel the same way. At least I have no TV and no cell phone anymore, that helps.

As far as Comodo, that company might provide security stuff for free, but it can only do so because it earns money elsewhere. It is not a philantrophic organization as far as I know, but a business, whatever its “vision”. (And I don’t use the Comodo security stuff anyway as it has not convinced me, nor have I read objective test results on its AV capabilities. I tried the Comodo AV, but it kept hanging (that is why I registered on this forum), so I opted for another suite.)


Hi Ursinho, everybody is entitled to their opinions in this forum as well as in life itself, you’ve declared yours and it’s cool but in joining this forum you’ve already gone wayward of your convictions, we as a collective and diversified group of I’d like to think well meaning beings we would be more than willing to oblige in helping or clarifying any problems you may or might of encountered in the use of Comodos’ offerings, so feel free or desist of the hospitality offered, you’re free to choose either way…
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Xman (:KWL)

Anyways, I still believe this technology has been around for a long time. I do not care if there is proof or not, you can say I have faith in it.

Ohh yeah, and Comodo is a good company.

Thanks for the offer, if I decide to try Comodo stuff again and face the same problems again, I might open a thread. But I have read in several existing threads and it seems like a number of people have had the same issues. At the moment I am exploiting the trial periods of commercial suites, one after the other :wink:

Interesting… :THNK

I always wanted more real realism when I played games… This was my dream! Now I saw this… I find my dream becoming more and more reality, still I fear the bad intentions of people who have the knowdledge to abuse this relative new technology… :THNK…

Comodo will figure out how authentication can be tested, controlled and can be preserved as technology still continues…

Here’s a simple test between real pictures and photoshopped ones