TeamViewer Installation hangs when Comodo Pers. Firewall Installed

I’ve Comodo Personal Firewall Installed on my Laptop with first generation i7 processor with Windows 10 2004.
I have tried to install the latest version of TeamViewer 15.7.6 and the TeamViewer installation hangs and after a long period of time gives error and rolls back.

When I have unistalled Comodo Personal Firewall the TeamViewer installation passed without a problem.


Hi - what happens then if you re-install Comodo after TeamViewer is installed?

I dare not install the Comodo Personal Firewall again before a new version comes out.
The last version came out before Windows 10 2004 Update.


Numerous members are running Win10 2004 with the latest Comodo version w/o any problems at all, but it’s your choice

Dear Ploget,

Maybe the latest version of Comodo Personal Firewall is running well on Windows 10 2004 and maybe the latest version of TeamViewer is working OK after I first install TeamViewer and than install Comodo Personal Firewall, but the problem is that if Comodo Personal Firewall is installed first then you can’t install correctly TeamViewer in my case. So I’m reporting this issue here and also on the TeamViewer Community Forum to help users having the same issue.


Hello rdpk7,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this issue and further any info I will update you.

No problem, but running CIS on Win10 2004 with Proactive Config and then installing TeamViewer works and runs perfectly

I will repeat one more time:

This issue is on my specific case.
I’m not saying it is a general issue!


The information was simply for you and to pass on if you need to


OK, thanks!