TCP/IP SYN+FIN Packet Filtering Weakness

I ran a PCI Vul. Scan on my office network and got this Vulnerability.
I believe its telling me to update my Routers firmware (which is the only device on my network that has a Firewall, other than PC’s)

I re-ran the scan and it still failed, how can I get this to pass??

13436715 Firewalls TCP/IP SYN+FIN Packet Filtering Weakness 0 / tcp / CVE: BID : 7487 Other references { cert : 464113osvdb : 2118 } 5.0 No medium
It may be possible to bypass firewall rules.
The remote host does not discard TCP SYN packets that have the FIN flag set.

Depending on the kind of firewall you are using, an attacker may use this flaw to bypass its rules.
Contact your vendor for a patch.

guess nobody uses this forum anymore.

Anyone know any good support forums for Comodo?