Has anyone ever received a connection from to your computer? I keep getting connection attempts from several different links and I usually block them. This one I did a Google on, found it to be in “No.31 ,jingrong street,beijing” as copy/paste from a link on Google. There are some that have reported Phishing as well as DOS attacks.

Thank you for reading this mess,

Personally, I would block the connection.

Yes i have also been getting a cuple from that IP also, all source port 12200 with multiple destination ports.

It’s a hacking attempt.
It’s from china.
What we call ‘China Bot’.
I recommend you block following IP range.
Add it to ‘My blocked Network Zones’. -

Would a Full NAT (Hardware Firewall) be able to block this?

Yes if it has Statful Packet Inspection on it can block it.

That IP is definitely a bad guy. It was port scanning me on a regular basis until I was away for a while and didn’t use my PC. Scans stopped for a couple of weeks until yesterday when I got another one. My router blocks the port scan. I also block that IP address in Comodo as previously descibed just in case he got by the router.

If that IP is getting into your PC as far as you have described, I would saw you might have some major problems.

Revised per moderator request. More info. on this IP intrusions can be found here:


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