TC-Spy have someone try this ?

Hello everyone.
I was at and found a program that seems good. Wanted to know what you think of it. It’s called TC Spy, I think it’s new. I just install and running the scan now.

It’s looks like other Anti-Spyware software.

here’s the download link from

And link to vendor website.

English :

Korean :

I’m using it and everything was fine. It’s not fully run on windows Vista yet.

looks interesting. The website reminds me of pctools. Looks like just an on demmand scanner, wonder how good its detection rates are.

Quote from their site:

How do I know if my computer is infected by a virus?

The best way to know this is to use a good, updated antivirus program to scan your system thoroughly.
There are other signs that can be symptomatic of a virus infection in a computer: general slowdown, files and/or information disappear, peripheral devices don’t function properly etc.

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The Internet is currently the main virus entry point. This is due to the enormous possibilities it offers for exchanging information (e-mail, browsing web pages, file download, chats, newsgroups, etc) which it turns make the mass proliferation of viruses possible.


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It hase a nice interface, and many options like maniging auto-startups, ActiveX protection, and sweeping your history and stuff. Gonna test it againts some fresh malware and see what it finds :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is something to use. It was added on on August 10, 2007. On their website, you can read ‘Copyright 2007 by FREEi COMMUNICATIONS. All rights reserved’, most likely meaning that this product is dead.

anyone knows a e-mail adres to contacted them? i can’t find it on there site. The option to scan one map doesn’t work so i can’t test it’s detection… I don’t think it’s dead, the database at my hase been updated on 2009-05-07

It’s help[at] according to their Korean website.

All right, I guess I was wrong then. :wink:

oke, gonna mail them. thanks for the adress :slight_smile:

A few Korean vendor won’t reply your email.
I don’t know what’s a reason.
This product isn’t dead, But their website maybe no longer in maintenance.