Taskbar icons?

Firefox convert here, hello. ;D

When I clicked on the Firefox icon on my taskbar, the resulting active window would not create a new taskbar icon, it would simply highlight the Firefox icon, indicating an open session. Ice Dragon behaves differently, when I open it, it creates a second icon in my taskbar. The quick launch icon remains as is, and an additional, highlighted icon is created to the right of the quick launch icons. Is there a way to make it behave differently?

Any Direct Answer to this obvious problem? It has been read 517 times… Please let me know… I dont need two taskbar icons, only one, like Firefox, Opera, Even Safari for Pete’s sake…

Hi Icicle and Ace Ventura,
This can happen for numerous reasons.
The easiest fix is to open CID, right click the original icon and Select 'Unpin this program to task-bar".
Then right click the new task-bar icon and select 'Pin this program to task-bar".

Kind regards.


captainsticks, thank you for your reply.

We’d like to know if this issue is triggered by IceDragon updates or some other operation such as repair or adding user profiles.

Thank you.

Hi George-Silviu Blendea,
For myself personally this is when the portable version is used with a task-bar shortcut.
My workaround will solve this issue for the portable version.


Edit: My apologies I was speaking for Dragon not IceDragon, although my workaround should work with either browser. :-[