Taskbar Icon Security Status / Color Question

I performed a search about my question already, but didn’t find a answer that actually answered my question. I’m currently running the latest version of C.I.S. ( # ), my question is concerning the red ‘C’ icon that resides in the taskbar on my MS Windows 10 PRO 64-bit version computer. Having used a different protection software provider in the past, I was rather used to the icon showing somewhat more action than the Comodo icon does. In my case…about the only action I see is the ( I believe ) firewall in/out activity . I was hoping that somehow the status of my computer could be displayed in the icon instead of having to rely on the widget panel that shows the status. Does anyone else here in the board share my same thinking about this ?
David ???

There is a request for green color to resemble “safety” and red color to resemble “at risk”. I, personally, like it (compared to current behavior). A possible motive of disagreement is their actual logo that is predominantly red colored.
In other words, they’re aware of such a wish.

Hopefully, I did not misunderstand your question.

Hi qmarius,
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my question, hopefully if the software developer’s get enough requests for a feature like this, they hopefully will consider it.Have a great day/night wherever you are.

Especially because in CCAV the icon color follows this logic :slight_smile:

Especially when CIS 9 beta had the green flat icon! Why they got the old icon back is beyond me, new one was a lot better and prettier :slight_smile:
Yes, I registered here only to complain about icon))