Task Manager Icons keep getting Reset

Upgraded to CIS 6.2.282872.2847 recently. Like it so far but found a couple of annoyances.

My TASK BAR icons, both in the Widget as well as the main app, keep getting reset to the default on every boot. This is really annoying as I have to reorganize them after every boot.

Also, I repeatedly see screens in Comodo that I had earlier ticked off with the “don’t not show this message again” option. For example, every time I boot, I get the window with the Geekbuddy info. This is despite the fact that I have ticked the option to hide it in future.

Similarly, when I click “update” > “send to background” and choose the "“don’t not show this message again” option, its back again on the next update (even if I try it 10 seconds later).

Are these known issues or am I doing something wrong? Any advice appreciated.

OS - Win XP.

Hi Musterfox,
It appears that you are describing the known issues listed in the topic below. :slight_smile:
CIS updater always displays message for the background mode

Thank you.

Thanks for the info captainsticks.

The link you posted covers the same bugs I had posted about.

Hopefully Comodo support will fix this soon because its a very annoying problem. :frowning:

You are welcome and yes I agree, let us hope they are fixed soon. :slight_smile: