tap0901 driver is left behind after TC is uninstalled

TrustConnect during installation of client software installs:

  • gui
  • virtual NIC (network connections applet)
  • OpenVPN driver tap0901

TC during uninstallation removes:

  • gui
  • virtual NIC
    …but OpenVPN driver is left on system!

Question is: how to remove this driver safely from system?

Driver or TAP adapter?
You may remove TAP adapter from Device Manager (see attachment)

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s Driver, not adapter. TAP adapter is removed during uninstallation flawlessly.

how did you determine that the driver still exist?

tap0901.sys is in \system32\ folder AND driver is still registered in registry – could be checked by various applications e.g. Autoruns, serviwin (NirSoft).

Open Windows Device Manager, choose View and then check “Show hidden devices”. Then click on the “+” mark next to “Non-plug and Play Drivers”. Do you see the driver there?

Nope, already checked that before writing to this board.


Yes, you are right. File of driver is in \system32\ and driver is still registered in registry. But it’s not loaded into system.

You may remove it from drivers store using Microsoft utility:

Thanks, i will try next time i would be uninstalling TC.

Any chance uninstallation of driver would be done by TC installer itself without necessity to read rather long instruction (link you provided) and necessity to use 3rd party tools?

I think it makes sense. We use feedback from our customers to improve product.