Take down the Linux section and the app

Because it is obvious you do not support it and your techs are absolutely useless as your app when it comes to asking them for a solution. Comodo has not supported any recent release in years so why even have the app or the section in the forum?

dang man
I just recently found CAVL not even a year ago, and here I was trying to boost it’s development

sure I can agree a company I praise for their quality on security is doing extremely poor on the linux side of things
but still, at least what they have DOES seem to work, even if it is like 10% protection

it’s already better than clamtk

go a little easier on them
if you’re inspired, maybe join in on development.

I only found this because I was RATted on Ubuntu a while back, and the guys over at askubuntu were a joke when it came to a quality HIPS solution,
deleting my question for being opinionated (trust me, it wasn’t, I took precautions) while telling me to pay a professional.
(it was one of those moments where a random hacker shows you a picture of your screen)