Tagging Bug

:cry: You know It was my fault…
I’m sorry.

There is some seriour issue with the tagging system.
If you look at the tag cloud there are many duplicated tags. There is some ongoing discussion about this mod on SMF forums and SFM HACK forums

Maybe Tagging should be disabled until it will get a full featureset.

It’s a pity It could have helped a lot if it was working properly.

Actually there are few mods that could significally improve forum usage, another one would be Related Topics but it seem to have some issues too.
Admins who ported it to 1.1.2 mentioned that related topics are not always relevant.

Actually there is no way to highlight cross thread information apart from burdening our fellow moderators.

Does everyone have access to the tagging feature?

Yes, Admins, Moderators and thread starters.

Interesting, thank you.