systray icons

I installed last version and I have some questions about systray icons. If I disable ‘start launch pad when windows starts’ after reboot automatically appears a explorer window pointing to ‘program/files/comodo/launchpad’. And most important Comodo Firewall systray icon doesn’t appear anymore. So I have to load launch pad and start the firewall from there.
Please make me understand.

I noticed this as well, I only want one icon in the system tray for cpf, if you stop the launchpad from starting with windows then there are no icons but if you look in task manager it shows cpf as running, what gives?

Hi, Rich
First, did you uninstall the old version completely and not use the updater? Also, what’s the install path and chosen .exe folder path?



Dear oh Dear… When you install the new version it installs both CPF and the Launchpad. If you do a right click on the Launchpad Icon in your system tray and click “Options” then uncheck Load At Startup. That’s all you need to do! When you next reboot, you’ll see only the CPF Icon in the systray.


Hi Dear oh Dear, if you read his post, he did in fact disable it for startup already. His CPF icon dissappears altogether, and a browser window opens, I don’t believe this is typical behavior for this type of situation.



The program is installed as I view in 2 folders:
C:\Program Files\Comodo (where Launch Pad is)
C:\Program Files\Comodo Firewall (the folder where I think the firewall exists)
I mention that at install I chose to custom installation and create that Comodo Firewall. I don’t understand why Launch Pad is installed in other folder. I think there is a bug in installation code.

For EricEgan: I really look after options and right-clicks on icons before I post a problem. I already mention that the problem appears after I unload startup option for launch pad.

Maybe I reinstall the application with default path and see after.

Oh! And another problem. In this context (disabled launch pad and no CPF loaded at start) internet explore refuses to connect and gives traditional error page. Like I don’t have a internet connection or a firewall blocks its connection. But Yahoo Messenger works. So the firewall is not loaded (apparently) but IE not work. If I start Launch Pad and after that CPF all work well.

I reinstalled the application with default folder path. But I have the same problem. For whatever reason if I disable LaunchPad for starting at boot I have no icons for Comodo firewall in systray.

I checked in Task Manager and it appears that cpf.exe is running.

For accesing firewall configuration window I needed to make a shortcut from Comodo installation folder.

So final words:

I re-downloaded the entire application because the update function doesn’a work (error 108 etc etc there are enough posts for this).
And after reinstallation the problem with systray icons didn’t appear anymore. I was able not to load LaunchPad at boot and still have the Comodo Firewall icon.

So the problem was solved …somehow.

Thanks for all replays