Systray Icon Disappears

Hey all,

We are considering the use of many comodo products, we have had very good luck thus far with the internet security package but this Unite product and the backup product we have not been so lucky with .

Anyway, the unite program keeps disappearing from the task tray? This is really annoying. At first we had a horrible time getting any of the features to work until we found some documentation on the ports it uses. Once we punched out some holes in our firewall things shaped up for sure. However if you are chatting with someone and decide its time to work and close the chat window then sometime later you need to go back to that person or anyother to chat you will be very lucking if the icon is still in the sys tray for you to readily access, otherwise you will have to go the long route as if you were wanting to start the application up again which allows you to get back to the main program but even this does not refresh or put the systray icon back you physically have to reboot!. Very annoying, anyone have any problems with this? Running win7 32bit.

Also sometimes the sound doesnt work appropriately, someone may send you a message and you never know it, thats really irratating as well. Is there a paid version of this product that’s more stable? Just curious?


Win 7 has one feature to hide applications's icon in system tray. This feature is turned on by default.
Please select 'Properties' on task-bar context menu -> then select 'Customize...' in 'Notification area' group.

→ Check ‘Always show all icons and notifications on the task bar’. Then Win7 will not hide applications icons.

I have the same strange issue on 2 notebooks running Windows Vista x32 and Windows 7 x64. Sometimes the systray icon appears, sometimes not. I start experimenting this issue a couple of days ago on Vista x32, but now on my notebook with Windows 7 x64. The option ‘Always show all icons and notifications on the task bar’ is on, but the icon does not start on system starup.

I’m running Comodo Internet Security 5.9.219863.2196 (free version)


A similar is happening with CIS sometimes on Win 7x64. Not sure if this on Comodo’s or Microsoft’s end.

I am having the same problem the Comodo icon does not load onto the system tray.

Currently using XP.

When I open comodo the icon then remains on the system tray.

Is there a solution, as i have set the properties to always show the icon.

With XP there are cases where even that is not working. It can be worked around as described here: Online Poker And Real Money .