System Tray Update Icon - changes Focus


Does this happen to anyone else?

Ok… in the system tray you have the standard Comodo icon w/ the white “C” and the red shield correct?

Ok… so when Comodo is updating another what i will call ‘temporary’ smaller shield will pop up in the system tray … yes?.. well it does for me.

The functionality im not fond of is this : It pulls the ‘Focus’ away from what i was working on / what I currently just had the focus on.

What do I mean by this ?.. Lets say I have my Firefox browser open… im using my mouse wheel to scroll the text up and down… The updater comes up… I see it im my system tray… Firefox is no longer my “focus”… i now need to manually Click firefox again so that it becomes the app that i wish to work with… … Its akin to having an unmaximised window open… then clicking on the desktop… the app is still there… not changed… but its no longer ‘focused’ so keystrokes dont work on the app… until you re-click on it…

It’s rather annoying :)… any way to fix it?.. is it a “bug”?.. a feature?..

Thanks much.

For a band-aid fix, you can always go to More → Preferences and uncheck the option to Automatically check for program updates.

As to whether it is a bug or feature, it has been around so long and so often reported, I guess we can only assume it is a feature. :wink:

Sry… guess i should search the forums better …hehe :)…
It’s a small inconvenience … I dont mean to be ungrateful… i AM getting a very nice firewall for free… it IS appreciated :)… thanks much!