System tray icons for Launch Pad and other Comodo apps

What do you think we should suggest Comodo change with respect to the Launch Pad system tray icon?

I think they should leave it the way it is. What is the problem with it, if any changes happen then introduce Optional System Tray Icons.

I wouldn’t mind having an option to control whether CLP is loaded/shown or not, as long as I can also control the display of tray icons for the other applications.

It’s probably best handled at application install time… “Do you want this product to register with the CLP, or use it’s own tray icon?”

Great idea, Dan! Can you mention this to Melih?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ya that is a great idea I think it would be great for those who are only installing 1 of the many Comodo apps.

I’d like the LP to have the ability to be enabled/disabled and the option to show the tray icons independently of the LP tray icon.

But I also like the idea that the LP tray pad could actually show the activity of the apps it controls.

Animated tray icons are always cool. ;D

Maybe the LP could be animated in a way that it would normally show CPF activity and in case CAVS is running it would change to show that instead.
I think it would be quite difficult to make such a tiny icon that shows both and is leggible.

Those are the main two apps that most users will be concerned with.

Actually, what if the LP icon were just substituted with icon of the app that is showing activity?

I must say though that I do like the meter gauge idea that both Kerio and ZoneAlarm use in their tray icons. Maybe there could be a single meter for each app with a different color for each? That way it would be possible to have all the activity info displaying how much CPU time each app is using.


Indeed :smiley:

Dear FireKnight,

I totally agree that an animated icon is cool. Try checking out the CLP wishlist and if it is not there, why not make a post there?

Yours truly,

I’d certanly like to see full control over tray icons for each separate application as well as for LaunchPad.

I agree Rejzor. I also agree with the animated icon… As simple as it is I think it gives users an added sense of security. By watching the animation they know that it is doing something more than just taking up room.

I would also like to see an animated tray icon than an idle icon but not like the animated tray icon CFP cz that’s really boring

Version 3 will have better ones according to Egemen:,6246.msg46263.html#msg46263

i really like the animated tray icons…but my non tech friends cannot stand them.

the launch pad should be wholly opt in/out…i mean by that you should be able to disable/enable the entire launch pad and have the option to opt in/out any comodo product from the launch pad.

that way when i install 3-5 of your awesome proggies i can keep my system tray fairly clean and still see the firewall tray icon animation…and yet all could be hidden on my inexperienced friend’s computers which still have only one each seventeen inch monitor lol.

no real sense in using it if it doesn’t really encompass a global update/shutdown and a few other features…could be more effort than its worth, personally i’d like to see these forum links in the appropriate program tab on the launch pad.

love the products!