System tray icon

OK, so I’ve scoured the forums, and the Knowledge Base for the answer to my question. However, I generally find that I get the opposite answers. So here is my question:

Can I DISABLE the Comodo Firewall system tray icon, but keep the Firewall service running?

I’m paranoid about boot times and system load, and if I could unload the tray icon, but keep the service running, that would be awesome.


I don’t think you can. But once started up, I think you MIGHT be able to close “cfp.exe” & keep “cmdagent.exe” running, but then the GUI goes away.

As long as the service continues to run, and protect my computer, I could care less if I had access to the GUI. Everything is set-up and working fine (a huge A+ for Comodo), so I have nothing else to worry about for right now.

Just that pesky tray icon…

Well also if you disable “cfp.exe” I think you won’t get any alerts, things will just be blocked automatically.